Meditation Stories



Helen Raffal


In the past I chased after knowledge, especially psychological and spiritual. I acquired a great deal in my thirst to find answers to my dilemma. But that knowledge could not save me. Doing this meditation, I realized that true wisdom was buried under all of that knowledge.


When I was 12 years old, my eldest brother died suddenly and the world that I knew was turned upside down. From that time, the reality of the inevitability of death never really left me. Even when I was the most happy, always came the thought, “but we are going to die”- death was always lurking in the shadows of my mind. Since everything would end in death, of what actual value were any of my achievements. I longed to find the meaning of life.


I felt it imperative to find the truth of my existence before death. I sensed that I must find it while living. How could I leave this, the only question which mattered, for others to answer. I, myself, should do that. And so it became my priority.


My searching was wide and deep- psychology, philosophy and many spiritual traditions. In Christianity, I heard, “the Kingdom of heaven is within you”. Many spoke of the mind of each human, being ‘conditioned’ by their past experiences- ‘You should find the unconditioned mind.’ I tried many workshops and different meditations. Buddhism spoke of the impermanence of everything and said “You must find that which is unchanging, you have the Buddha mind”. Other traditions said: “The truth is within you” I felt that it must be so but I know I did not live as that truth, so I kept searching.


Now, having done this meditation, I can say it is truly the miracle of miracles. It is like waking up from the worst nightmare, knowing that it was only a nightmare- that I can truly live knowing the true meaning of life. Inside that nightmare there was so much suffering, sadness and stress. I am so grateful. My mind is clear, peaceful and free. I have no curiosity and no doubts.


Now, I just want to share this good news with everyone and to spend my life helping people to find their true purpose which is to live eternally. I promise that this meditation fulfils all that it promises.




Lyric Harris


What made you become interested in Meditation?


I’ve been travelling for months now. Although I have been experiencing exciting things, I still felt empty and lost without a real purpose. I wanted to find that purpose.



What positive changes have you experienced so far?


The best thing for me was being able to resolve my relationships with my family. I thought I already passed some of the issues, but when I reflected on myself, they were still in my mind. After discarding all the anxieties, anger, frustration and pain, now I can have a good conversation with them while feeling peaceful and happy. I am so grateful.


Also, it is very exciting knowing that I am on the right path.

Through meditation, I feel more centred and focused. Even my daily anxieties and stresses, often regarding my relationships and people around me or my future have seen a great improvement.



What would you like people to know?


Before, I had these deep questions about life, love, happiness, and all in between that I never truly thought I’d find the answer to. Though, I tried so many things: workshops, meditations, exercises, books – but nothing really got to the core. Instead it felt like I was just covering up and living with my anxieties rather than dealing with them. I thought it was cliché to say, “The answer is within” but I now know it actually is — to everything you’re feeling. You just need the right tool to get to it.

I am eternally grateful for this method being that tool. I am so free and no longer afraid of any part of me. Thank you!





Caroline Choi


 Growing up, I never believed in anything I couldn’t see or touch but always had an interest in the mind. I started this meditation out of curiosity from the changes I saw in my brother when he first started this meditation.


Throughout my life, prior to doing this meditation, it never really crossed my mind that I needed to do meditation and really thought of the mind as something that you just work on to control. However, as I did the study, I realised more and more that I actually did need to do this.


Through the meditation I discovered what true life actually is, and realised that my curiosity actually came from something that was missing in my life, except I just wasn’t consciously aware of it.


I recently reflected on when this wondering may have started. I remember learning about the universe back in high school and how insignificant I was as an individual, even in the context of the known universe. I remember wondering, “what happens to us when we die?” and “what was life even before I was born?”. The thought of these unanswered questions would make me feel sick so I pushed it to the back of my mind and tried to forget and live the best life I could. Working really hard to not miss out, do everything I can, and be the best human I could before I died. Later in life this desire and drive eventually caused me anxiety and stress.


Having done the meditation I realised this wasn’t what life was about. I came to the world with nothing and will leave with nothing, yet I was almost killing myself trying to get all this (money, relationships, and experiences)! I saw the world how I wanted to see it, not the way it actually is and wanted to live life how I thought I should, not the way life actually is. Coming out of my own mind world I now know what true life and living is.


As an added bonus, I have better relationships with people, I have been much more successful at work, and I am always happy. I realised that all the answers to a happy and successful life are all there at my fingertips, except I refused to see and listen. My life purpose now is to do all I can to enable others to come out of their own mind world and find true life.