Meditation Stories

Monica J.

As a high school student I was bullied a lot and became very anxious. My anxiety got worse as I reached the end of my high schooling and all I wanted to do was sing as music was my happiness. I was encouraged to pursue teaching however and I completed an education degree. While at Uni I became very depressed and began taking Antidepressants.

After a few years, I stopped the medication as I didn’t want to rely on it and tried different things such as yoga, going to the temple and exercising regularly at a gym. As the years went by I got married and continued to teach and stay in my ‘comfort zone’ and found myself feeling depressed again.

This was the worst I had felt in my life and I started to question my very existence. As a result, I attempted to take my own life in July this year. After this experience I went back on Antidepressants and saw a psychologist. I still felt sad and empty however.

Through a stroke of luck, I met Sally from this meditation who had been through similar experiences to me and encouraged me to give it a go.

Once I began meditating, I instantly felt lighter, I didn’t need to carry around this dirt in my mind and I began to see things much clearer.

With the encouragement of my husband, I continued to meditate and within 3 months I felt like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I feel stronger and have found purpose in my life. I feel much happier than before and let go of the anger, frustration and selfishness I had within me.

I am veray grateful for this meditation method as it has made me realize that there IS a way to be happy and enjoy life to the fullest.

It seems that everyone is seeking ways to fulfill their lives and be happier. By cleansing your mind, you can experience a never-ending happiness and clarity that is difficult to explain.

My aim now is to achieve human completion and become the happiest and strongest version of myself. I also want to help others change their lives for the better so they too can discover the true meaning of life and happiness in life.


Sanghee Sally Kim

A few years ago, I was struggling with depression. At that time, I felt like that I was crouching inside a big and deep hole. It was as if I couldn’t hear or see anything. I tried a few sessions with a psychologist, as my husband suggested but it did not help me much. I thought that no one will be able to help me.


During that period sometimes, I talked to my sister who was doing the same
meditation in Korea and one day she sent me the registration fee for one month at the Sydney Meditation Centre, as a present. So I started doing this meditation because I did not want to disappoint my sister.

When I had passed each level, everything became clearer and clearer in my mind. While I was doing meditation, I could also see where the depression came from. I gradually was able to deal with the reasons for my depression and by following the meditation method, I eventually found that the depression began to disappear. It was like a miracle for me.

Now I am much happier and I have become a more positive person. It has also brought more happiness to my family. As well as this, my relationships with my husband and with my co-workers have improved because my perspective towards the world has changed and also, I have come to understand that they think differently to me.

I feel very grateful to have had the opportunity to do this meditation. I hope that many more people do this meditation and set themselves free from their own struggles. so as they can find what it means to discover true happiness!!



This morning, I watched my little son playing and reading a book, while I had some time to do my Tax works, I felt at home at last.

Finally I got to feel what is like to enjoy my kids and family time and enjoy working on “the works I Am Interested In Doing with My Time” 

My gratitude to Sydney Meditation for showing me the way to brighten the painful past and abused lost childhood, to win the battle against depression which is rooted from living with narcissism all my life over 4 decades.


Meditation is the cure , the method to heal losses, griefs, pains, to learn the lesson of truth and honesty and forgiveness.

I am grateful for the “present”